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Andrew Hastie MP Visits Bells Caterpillar® and Cummins® Engines

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Andrew Hastie MP with Ron Bell from Bells EnginesOn Tuesday 6th March 2018 Andrew Hastie MP took the trouble of personally taking the time to visit Bells Engines and our Bells Caterpillar and Cummins Engines division. 

The purpose of Mr Hasties's visit was to explore the expansion of Bells in the Peel Region. 

Ron Bell, Managing Director, gave the Member of Canning and his colleagues a grand tour of the premises including workshops, engines and parts storage facilities, dyno units and offices. Mr Hastie was very interested in how the business has captured a global market with interest from Asia, Europe, Africa, Russia, South America, the Middle East and the United States. 

In a Facebook Post regarding the 2 hour tour and meeting, Mr Hastie said "Ron Bell built Bells Engines Pty Ltd from the ground up. Over the past 30+ years he's turned it into a big operation with a global market. He wants to expand and stay local, but at the moment it's cheaper for him to move out of the Peel region. I'm backing Ron over the bureaucrats who are stifling local business."

Ron Bell said "Andrew is a down-to-earth gentleman and a man of his word. It was great for us to meet him and we are so grateful for his time and help."

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