Caterpillar® C27 Generators and CAT® C27 Genset Engines Australia

The Caterpillar® Generator Set Engine is a very reliable, productive and efficient motor built for superbly efficient electrical generator power systems throughout Australia and the World. Boasting the high quality CAT® C27 Genset Engine, it is truly an excellent generator set motor. The C27 Generator engine is found often on offshore installations, heavy industry plant operations as well as mine sites throughout Australia and the World. Reliable and robust as these Genset engines are, the C27 Generator engine, like all engines, will eventually come to their end. Bells Caterpillar® and Cummins® Engine Remanufacturers are now providing innovative solutions for oil and gas, heavy industry, mining companies and plant hire companies who use CAT® C27 Generator Set Engines on a day to day basis. When engine failure occurs, or recommended engine hours have exceeded their limits, Bells Caterpillar engine remanufacturers can take instant delivery of your engines from within Australia, and worldwide, and completely remanufacture and rebuild your Caterpillar® C27 Genset Engine fit for years of service once again.

Bells Caterpillar® engine remanufacturers are ready to exchange your existing CAT® Generator Set engines from our current CAT® C27 long-block motor stock and actually rebuild and remanufacture your Genset engines within "7 days". Bells Caterpillar® and Cummins® Engines' CEO, Ron Bell, has set the standard throughout Australia and the World and can confidently state that Bells "will not be beaten for price and quality".

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  • Caterpillar® C27 Generator Engine For Engine Number: MJE & Genset Application No.s  DWB, N1B, RJA, STR, T4Z
  • Caterpillar® C27 Generator Engine For Engine Number: GDS & Genset Application No.s DWB, N1B, RJA, STR, T4Z
  • Caterpillar® C27 Generator Engine For Engine Number: ZRS & Genset Application No.s DWB, N1B, RJA, STR, T4Z

Our Remanufactured long-block Caterpillar® C27 Generator Set Engines are available for sale and exchange throughout Australia and Worldwide. We also fully remanufacture all CAT® Genset engines. Each one is completely stripped, acid bathed, machined and all parts fully inspected (to within OEM Caterpillar® specifications). All CAT® Genset Parts used are either machined or replaced new. Caterpillar® injectors, turbos, fuel pumps are all re-manufactured items fully rebuilt to CAT® specifications and fully dyno tested. All parts are also available second hand (or serviced) for these CAT® C27 Generator engines.

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We sell, rebuild, recondition and remanufacture Caterpillar® Generator Set C27 engines and parts for customers throughout all of Australia including Perth and Western Australia, Melbourne and Victoria, Darwin and the Northern Territory, Sydney and New South Wales, Brisbane and Queensland, ACT, Tasmania, Adelaide and South Australia. We also receive and ship Internationally including Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe, Russia, South America, United Kingdom, United States and Worldwide.