Ask Us About Our Available CAT® Long Block Engine Stocks

Caterpillar® Long Block Engines

At Bells Caterpillar® and Cummins® Engines we stock a large amount of ready to go Caterpillar® Long Block Engines. We are constantly remanufacturing and topping up and building up these Long Block stocks at our Facilities in Western Australia. These engines are fully remanufactured to OEM CAT® specifications and include:

  • Engine Block - fully inspected and machined. All sealed surfaces are repaired. "Tunnel bored" if required.
  • Crankshafts - crack-tested and polished with new main bearings and new big-end bearings fitted.
  • Pistons, Liners and Rings - ALL replaced and fitted new.
  • Cylinder Head - fully acid bathed, crack-tested, new inkernell valves fitted, new springs/retainers with colletts fitted, cam bearings and injector tubes.
  • Camshafts - camshaft valve and injector rollers all uprated and fitted to CAT's latest specifications.
  • Timing Gears - ALL replaced or re-bushed.