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Cummins® 6CTA Engines in Australia

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6CTA Cummins ThumbnailGreat quality industrial 6CTA Cummins® engines, used and remanufactured, can be difficult to come by in Australia. Quality remanufactured Cummins® 6CTA engines must be completely stripped, acid bathed, machined, all parts inspected (to within OEM Caterpillar specifications). At Bells all Cummins® parts that are used are either machined or replaced new. Cummins® injectors, turbos, fuel pumps are all re-manufactured items. Fully rebuilt to Cummins® specifications and fully dyno tested. All parts are also available second hand (or serviced) for these Cummins® 6CTA engines including 6CTA blocks, 6CTA crankshafts and 6CTA cylinder heads, etc. Brand new Cummins® 6CTA engine kits are also available for all Cummins® engines in Australia. 

We rebuild and remanufacture 6CTA Cummins® engines for industries throughout Australia including Perth and Western Australia, Melbourne and Victoria, Sydney and New South Wales, Brisbane and Queensland, Adelaide and South Australia, the Northern Territory, Tasmania and even Worldwide. 

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